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do you have a system which has only provided you 2gb of RAM. In this case, you need to hunt for games which can smoothly run on your device and obviously it needs to be good. So here we have provided a list of some awesome games which you can play on your device.

List of Best Android Games for 2GB RAM:

  • Mobile Legends: Bang BangSource: APKPure

In the list of best android games for 2gb RAM, Mobile Legends is my first choice. The game provides you a superb graphics and a thrilling game experience. This is a multiplayer game which you can play with your friends and with players from across the world. You need to choose your hero (character) and then you need to coordinate with your teammates to defeat your opponent. It is basically a 5 vs 5 players game. With this game, you can sharpen your strategy skills.

  • Clash of ClansSource: supercellfan

No matter how long the game has been launched, some games are the all-time favorite of the audience. You will hardly find people who haven’t played Clash of Clans (COC) till date. You need to build the farm, train your troops and then you need to attack. After defeating the opponent you will be awarded golds and elixir with allows you to upgrade the elements of the farm as well as your troops. You need to defend against your enemies. All you need to have is a perfect strategy in your mind. The game company is providing every single update to make the game more thrilling and enjoyable.

  • Zombie Catchers

Till now I have only talked about those games which need a suitable internet connection but what if you don’t have your internet connection? Don’t worry about it, Zombie Catchers is always there for you. This game is something which provides you the run fun. Catch those zombies, take them to your lab and have some real fun.

These were some of the best android games for 2gb RAM, let us know which one is your favorite game and why.

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